When it comes to email marketing, there are a few truths that quickly come to light: One, having acquired your email list, it will soon stagnate and dwindle if left to its own devices. Efforts need to be made to nurture these subscribers to keep them interested and responsive. And Two, if you hope to curb that loss of valuable subscribers, you need to continually make efforts to grow your list. It’s also a great way to give yourself a raise, too!

So how do you accomplish the second of those? To get you going, we’ve compiled 10 tried and true methods you can use to steadily grow your email lists.

10 Best Practices for growing your email lists
Make your opt-in form hard to miss – If one of your major goals is to build your list, it’s necessary to make your opt-in forms difficult to avoid. Even better, using popups or lightboxes can be very effective. Never mind if you find them annoying; they are proven to work quite well.

Give a valuable benefit – Everyone wants to know what is it for them. Creating a valuable lead magnet that offers tremendous value will get you far more opt-ins.

Encourage forwarding and social sharing – Today we all have many people we’re connected to, and having your audience share with theirs can yield tremendous results.

Market your opt-in offers on social media – Use your social media channels to post to your opt-in pages and offers. You never really know how many contacts your fans and followers have, which could result in a large traffic bump.

Run Facebook ads to your opt-in offers – Run inexpensive Facebook ads to build your audience with relevant offers. This can also reach far wider than your normal reach extends.

Place opt-in CTA’s everywhere – Make sure you are spreading the word far and wide about opt-in into your list. This includes sites, blogs, videos, social media pages, and email.

Create specific lead magnets for different markets – Custom creates specific lead magnets for markets and sites that either have very different audiences to demographics, for example, image sharing sites like Pinterest and Instagram.

Use your YouTube Channel – Promote your lead magnets and offers via your YouTube channel. Essentially make a video about your lead magnet or opt-in offers.

Host a webinar – Inviting people to a content-filled webinar is a terrific way to add a large number of people to your lists. Not only are they getting top-notch content, but a personal touch from you, helping increase your authority and enhance your relationships.

Link to your offers throughout other content – Make sure we are linking to your opt-in offers in all of your other Web content. This includes links on your websites, social media channels, and web signatures.

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