Time is the biggest enemy of Internet marketers. That’s why I’m going to give you 10 effective time management techniques in this article to use in internet marketing and everyday life.

1. Find Out How You Can Spend Your Time On Online Marketing.

Holding a calendar is a convenient way to find out just how you use your time on the Internet or by advertising offline. Document this data somewhere as it will help you identify the most time-consuming tasks in your project and help you make the warm decision to spend your time in the tasks you need to perform.

2. Start Setting some Priorities.

To best manage your time you need to be able to differentiate from what is important, what is urgent and what can be done later. Make a “to-do” list to prioritize your activities. When making the list really think about what is more important. For example, sending a quick reply to a $1000 a month client is more important than playing clash of clans for an hour.

3. Use a Planning Tool.

There are many tools that you can use to remind you of things. Find something to record your daily activities in, if you have a computer or phone, you can get alerts and they are fantastic. They never fail.

4. Get Organized.

Clean up your desk area or your office. You won’t be able to work productively if your surroundings are muddled. Your environment affects your brain and if it’s unorganized you won’t be able to work to your maximum potential.

5. Schedule Your Time Appropriately.

Scheduling way more than recording what you have to do, it’s also committing to doing these things. You really need to know yourself for this to work.

6. Start Getting Help from Other Marketers.

You can go on Fiverr to buy all the help you need from talented marketers. These people are experts at what they do and you can also go on freelancing platforms like Elance to get all the help you need. You can even hire a virtual assistant to do all the mundane and boring work. If you don’t have the money you can simply find another marketer to trade work with. My buddies and I help each other all the time, some guys help me do the SEO for their websites while I do the copywriting and article marketing for them. It’s beautiful how easy it is to find someone to partner with on a forum like a warrior forum.

7. Stop Procrastinating.

You’ve heard this a lot but it’s true and I had to include it on the list.

8. Manage External Time Wasters.

Your time is negatively affected by external factors imposed like other people and things like games. Eliminate those things quickly

9. Avoid Multi-tasking.

University studies of recent have shown that multi-tasking doesn’t save time at all. Surprisingly you waste 10% more time when you’re trying to do everything at once.

10. Stay Healthy.

Your health is the most important thing. Exercise regularly and eat well to stay at your best. If you have health problems and can’t control it lots of time will waste in the hospital or elsewhere.

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