Let’s face it, as marketers we love it when tools come along that make our lives easier. Marketing online is a many-headed monster, and the ability to use a tool to divine what’s going on, or discover opportunities we may be missing. You can even gather competitive intelligence and learn what your business needs to focus on.

Going into 2015 there are many such tools. We’re going to list some of our favorites in the hope they’ll help you in your business as well! We’ve opted to choose tools that are easy to use, and require a minimum of a learning curve. Many are free, and others have an investment you’ll need to make. Make your business decisions accordingly.

6 Great Tools To Help Your Online Business In 2015

If you have a team of outsourcers you are working closely with, having a framework in which you can all collaborate together is a necessity. While there a number of options out there, Smartsheet is making a name for itself quickly.

Keeping track of who’s talking about you or your brand on social media is a real need these days, and Mention is one of the better ones to employ for the task. This tool makes it easy for you to manage your reputation, and follow keywords that are important to your business. Easily accessible from nearly any device, Mention also features sentiment analysis tools to save you time and worry.

The Photoshop alternative for those of us who aren’t pros. Canva allows you to create imaginative and beautiful graphics and presentations, and what’s more, it’s free! They have a selection of templates to work with, and the ability to use stock images if you desire.

Long a favorite of serious internet marketers, Moz remains a significant suite of tools to help you monitor and analyze your own sites, as well as your competition, keywords, social media and much, much more.

A unique tool that allows you to inter4act socially from within the platform, SproutSocial has a terrific set of analytics and tools to help you monitor and engage your social audience and publish posts to all the major platforms.

A modern-day RSS feed, Feedly has become the tool of choice for those wanting to follow many channels at once, and yet have a way to access them that is easy to use, and customizable. Most important it comes to you in a simple user interface, all in one place.

It’s very easy to become overwhelmed quite quickly when confronted with new tools and tech we haven’t see before and have no clue as to how to use. These tools make that easy, and allow you the time freedom you need to make your business more profitable.

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