Okay, it’s now official, as if it wasn’t before this: mobile marketing needs to play a significant role in your business, whether you’re ready for it or not. The truth is, your customers are! And you definitely want to be where they are.

We are a mobile society now, with 75 percent of us admitting to taking our smartphone to the bathroom with us. More to the point, 4 out of 5 consumers are using smartphones to shop, and a whopping 70 percent of mobile searches lead to an action with one hour!

Let’s take a peek at some best practices you can use to integrate mobile marketing into your business.

5 Ways to make mobile work for your small business

Mobile site – The first step is ensuring that you have a mobile presence. Your website in its web-only form will likely show up partially at best on a mobile device without being mobile optimized. Make sure to design exclusively for your mobile version: Less text, bigger call to action buttons, fewer images and videos, more engagement options, such as social media.

Mobile-only deals – A great way to capture consumers that are out and about looking to lighten their wallets is by offering deals for customers who are in the neighborhood. You can target this through text messages, and get many to act on a spur of the moment special. This can work especially well for a restaurant whose lunch may be a bit slow, and sends out a text or social media message announcing “20% Off Lunch for the next hour!”

Make it sharable – This works best when your content is sharable and can be acted upon. The possibility of having your content spread far and wide, without any further action by you, is the great attraction of social media and mobile. None of that happens however if you don’t do the groundwork to make it possible.

Apps if you please – Studies are showing that people spend 89 percent of their time on apps. If it makes any sense whatsoever for your business, you need to get in the game as well. This can range from something entertaining to an app that is entirely more useful for your bottom line.

Mobile and social are married – In case you weren’t invited, the marriage took place some time ago, and the couple is doing very well, thank you. People spend so much time on their phones using social media, and being able to share your site, offers and news to their spheres of influence are priceless to you. Make sure that your own social media is up to the task as well, as you’ll want to be able to jump into the fun!

Could your business be generating more customers online?

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