How to Use Emotion in your Copy?

For just about as long as man has attempted to convince others about something in print, the use of emotional triggers in copy has been used. While you might think that this was a tactic from a land long ago and far away, the truth is that it is every bit as effective...

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Getting Started with Social Media Marketing

If you haven't yet embraced the fact that you'll be needing social media marketing from here forward, well, I hope you have a Plan B for your online survival. The truth is that social media is pervasive now in just about every facet of online marketing, and while the...

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How to Win Big with Local SEO in the Coming Year

While it would be perhaps comforting for you to say that Local SEO is much the same as last year, the truth is that it’s a constantly evolving beast. Many best practices have carried over from past years, but a lot is new and a great deal of it has to do with focus....

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How You Can Effectively Use Google My Business

Recently we discovered the latest and greatest offering from the folks at Mountain View, otherwise known as Google. They’ve come up with what they hope is a direct answer to Facebook with Google My Business. Google My Business is imagined as a one-stop page for online...

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Confused About Marketing On Facebook?

Have you been told that Facebook marketing is a must for your business to survive? If you're a bit confused here, no worries. This article will break down all there is to know about Facebook marketing. Facilitate regular interaction with your followers so you...

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How to Avoid These Costly SEO Blunders

It can be difficult enough getting your pages ranked well in Google, so to unintentionally (or worse - intentionally) make it harder by committing SEO mistakes that either kick you out or keep you out is a total unforced error and one you should avoid no matter what....

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