Cultivating and expanding your customer and prospect email lists is the one sure way to ensure a long-lasting success with your business. Since it’s been shown that your email list loses about 22% over a year’s time, it’s up to you to continually be building and adding news subscribers and nurturing the ones you already have.

So what are some ways to grow your list? Here are 7 suggestions for adding large numbers of new subscribers to your lists and helping your business prosper.

7 Tips for growing your email lists
Make your offers irresistible – Be sure that your lead magnet is a valuable, gotta-have-it incentive. You should really be able to offer it for sale, it’s that good. The bottom line is, the better it is the more subscribers you’ll get.

Write incredible emails – Make it your business to write the best emails ever. People will look forward to seeing your name in the “From” column and eagerly devour your information. If you’re at least shooting for something like that, you’ll do fine.

Encourage sharing – Along those lines employ social media buttons and encourage your readers to share and forward the emails to other people. You’ll be amazed at how well this works.

Use Facebook’s new Call to Action feature – You’re now able to insert a call to action button on your Facebook posts. Take advantage of this by sending them to a landing page of your choosing and getting them signed up there.

Use paid ads to drive leads to a landing page – Low-cost paid ads and retargeting can reap many signups for your lead magnet. Don’t discount this one!

Consider Lightboxes – When the subject of popup boxes crops up, most people shake their heads “No”! But the fact is they work. And are very effective. Make it your business to make them not overly annoying and not staying there forever, and you’ll win using them.

Host webinars to collect leads – One of the dirty secrets of collecting email leads is that you can grow large lists by having people sign up for a free webinar.

There you have it, 7 ways to help grow your list. Use them to help your business stay in business for a long time.

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