If you haven’t yet embraced the fact that you’ll be needing social media marketing from here forward, well, I hope you have a Plan B for your online survival. The truth is that social media is pervasive now in just about every facet of online marketing, and while the opportunity is great, so is the challenge.

With so many people gathering on the various social networks, it is imperative to go where the people are if you want to prosper in this social business environment. These days people look to their social media channels for affirmation and recommendation, and if you aren’t playing, you’re not in the game.

How to learn to use the various social media channels
There are a few major players that you simply must be on, and a few others that might make a lot of sense given your market. The top five social media networks as of this writing are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube. The next most significant will be sites like Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram, Vine, and Snapchat. This second tier is more visually oriented but drives loads of traffic that is very interested in buying.

You’ll need to know each network’s primary demographics in order to determine whether or not a particular network is right for your business.

Using social media sites for business
Cultivating audiences for your business through social media can be achieved far easier and faster than through traditional marketing if you are up to speed on how to make your reach exceed your current influence. This means understanding how to get involved, engaged and shared as widely and quickly as you can.

Your business can experience exponential growth if your social media is managed well and allowed to grow. There are a number of techniques for doing this, and as you might expect change is constant.

Here is a great compilation of social media resources that will keep you busy for some time. One of our favorites on this list is the blog Social Media Examiner.

Once you determine which direction you want to take with your business, jump in with excitement and determination. It will be rewarded!

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