Starting a business requires ambition, but if you’re an entrepreneur, you’ve probably always felt the drive to innovate and capitalize on your ideas. No matter how good your business idea is, though, you’ll struggle to succeed if you don’t have an effective marketing scheme to back it up. You can consult with a marketing expert, but you can also develop some basic marketing skills and adopt a DIY approach. With some effort and creativity, you can master the art of marketing. Business Growth Solutions explains how.


Make the Most of Marketing Channels

One of the most important components of a successful marketing campaign is the strategic use of marketing channels. Although social media often reigns supreme in the marketing world, there are many other channels you can pursue, including web-based ad campaigns and billboards. You can even post flyers in coffee shops or on telephone poles. Maximizing coverage can build brand awareness for your business.

You may also benefit from choosing a few specific online and offline marketing channels to focus on. Choosing which channels are best suited to your customers can be difficult, though. Most people spend hours every day on their smartphone, so mobile-friendly marketing is a promising channel to explore.

Similarly, many people read local publications, so investing in print ads could generate more traffic. To truly achieve success, though, you should focus on the niche that defines your target clientele. Print ads may appeal to a stay-at-home mom who’s clipping coupons, but if you want to attract Gen Z, research suggests that you need to head toward a digital platform such as TikTok. Reports show that currently, 689 million people use TikTok, and with the use of hashtags, livestreams, influencer marketing and tutorials, you can make this an indispensable marketing tool.


Master Messaging and Understand Outcomes

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Once you’ve identified your chosen marketing channels, you need to develop clear messaging. This is how you represent yourself to prospective customers, and it’s the make-or-break factor in your campaign. You can find an effective messaging strategy by aligning the strengths of your chosen channel — for example, brevity is a strength of the aforementioned TikTok — with marketing that speaks directly to your ideal customer.

You’ll know if your marketing is effective based on data such as increased sales or web traffic. Conversion rates and positive customer feedback are also indicators of success. You should develop a few unique key performance indicators (KPIs) to further assess the efficacy of your marketing, and if necessary, make improvements.


Add to Your Entrepreneurial Skill Set

Marketing is an essential skill, and with increasingly accessible channels, it’s easier than ever to use a DIY strategy. After all, you know your ideal customer better than anybody else, and you know how to best represent your business through effective messaging. Choose marketing channels that will get your brand in front of your target audience and pay attention to data that can tell you whether your efforts are effective or not.

You can consult with a marketing expert for help with specific tasks, but you have the power to learn DIY marketing skills. Develop marketing campaigns that reflect your brand image and reach your ideal customers.

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