If you’ve ever seen the Broadway musical “Oklahoma”, you might recall a song entitled “The Farmer and the Cowman Should Be Friends.” This can also be said for organic SEO and paid search, as the same regions of the page that are being sought after by each one of these can, in fact, work better together! For a long time these strategies have been thought of as either/or, but the sharp marketer knows how to make this strategy work well for them. The number of ways in which SEO and PPC can help each other are many, and you ought to know this in order to make the best use of your marketing dollars.5 reasons you should combine PPC and SEO
Gobble up page one real estate – The more listings you can create on Page One of Google, the better chance you’ll have of dominating the traffic for that search term. The more times your brand is seen for that term, the more authority you will have. Enhance brand exposure and solidify messaging
When your brand is seen frequently and in many different ways, your brand is given a large dose of authority and exposure. The messaging you employ in both your organic listings and paid ads can work in concert to give your brand a cohesive, unified message.More total traffic
While it’s possible that your paid ads can rob some of your organic clicks from the page, research is showing that overall there is a net gain when you occupy both paid and organic spots on a page. Not only that, by having multiple spots on the page, your PPC costs will be less.

Better conversion rates
One startling benefit to this is that companies who are employing this approach are finding their conversions rates soaring by as much as 200%. Apparently more clicks plus more authority equals better conversions. Who knew!

Improved keyword performance
The data you gain from your page analytics and PPC campaigns are the most valuable tool for discerning keyword performance and opportunity. Be sure you use this data in both directions, to help optimize both!

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