While it would be perhaps comforting for you to say that Local SEO is much the same as last year, the truth is that it’s a constantly evolving beast.

Many best practices have carried over from past years, but a lot is new and a great deal of it has to do with focus. Let’s take a peek at what we feel are some principles you’ll want to bear in mind, and a few practical tips and strategies that will get you headed in the right direction in local rankings: UP!

3 Overarching Goals:

Focus on what’s important – If you’re in business, the goal should be to convert as many of your prospects as humanly possible. Being overly concerned with the amount of traffic to your site, for instance, is the wrong goal. Instead make it more important to track everything, and optimize for conversions. You’ll be richer for it.

Optimize for both SEO and visitors – While it is very important to get your SEO right, it’s also even more important to make your visitors happy. (Hint: That’s when they buy!)

Don’t put all your eggs in one SEO basket – Don’t go after one particular SEO strategy at the expense of others. For example, don’t just set your sights on building as many links as possible, and do nothing else. IF that isn’t really the problem, what do you do then? Diversify your SEO efforts, and touch all the bases.

Items on Your Local SEO To-Do list for 2015

Site Speed
– Having your pages load quickly is more important than ever, with the average attention span hovering around 8 seconds. Optimize for speed!

Mobile – More than 50% of Web traffic now originates from a mobile device, and that includes your customers. Don’t think you can get away with a so-so mobile presence: unless of course, you’re looking for so-so sales.

On-page SEO – Hit all the major ones: Title tags, descriptions and internal linkage.

Reviews and Citations – Still important for 2015, concentrate on getting more and better reviews, and please do yourself a favor and not buy them! Encourage yes; buy no!

Concentrate on fewer, high-quality inbound links – It’s really not he with the most links wins unless they happen to also have the highest quality ones. Creating awesome content that gets shared is a great way to increase your link profile.

Localize your Content – Having local signals in your content will go a long way toward convincing Google of your local intent. Moreover, in a visitor’s eyes, you will gain authority.

Embrace Social Media – This is where people hang out. Get them where they live, and use the awesome reach and social proof that these sites deliver to your advantage!

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