If you wish your blog posts to be read by anybody other than you and your mom, it’s incumbent upon you to do some blog post optimization to ensure you give your content the best shot possible at getting ranked in the search engines, or better yet, be shared by people far and wide.

Many are confused however at just how they should accomplish optimizing their blog posts for SEO. The thing is, basic optimization is very easy, and you’ll be far ahead of your competition once you finish reading this post! Take a look at these 5 tips that can help you optimize your blog posts quickly and easily.

5 Must-do blog optimization tips

1. Target specific keywords -Primary among your tasks is to determine what keywords you are targeting. Like it or not, writing to be seen in the search engines requires that you give them a clear road map to where you’d like to be found. Pick one primary keyword and several other secondaries for each post, and make sure they are in the title, first sentence or two, and then when needed throughout your post. DO NOT go overboard and stuff your post; it won’t help and WILL hurt!
2. Shorter, more visual content -People skim web pages and in spite of the fact that this is your baby, they will skim here too. Make your content more readable by breaking up any long blocks of text into shorter paragraphs, and adding interesting visuals.

3. Great headlines and subheads -The simplest way to get readers to read your entire post and engage with you is to use enticing, yet true headlines and subheads. This will rope in the unsuspecting skimmer we referenced above and get them to read the whole thing. A side benefit is that it makes it simpler to organize and write the post, to begin with.

4. Enable social sharing -Be sure your blog is linked up to your social media channels, and that your buttons are prominently displayed on each post. These days it is a social world, and you want to extend your reach as far as possible.

5. Are you using responsive design? -Since over half of all blog posts are now first to read on a mobile device, you must ensure that yours are displaying properly. Responsive design will make sure that you will be seen clearly across any platform.

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