Reasons That Results Lack In Traffic And Communication

traffic and conversions

There’s little worse than your own business failures being the cause. You feel the fool to step into it, though, and would do anything to take a step back in time.

Since in all likelihood that won’t happen, it might be good to look at some of the ways we can sabotage our own traffic and conversions inadvertently. They’re much simpler than you might think and easier to fix!

8 Causes of Having Low Traffic and Conversation

Lack of Testing

If you decide that testing isn’t important or you can’t be bothered, you deserve what you get. Even the best marketers test every aspect of their offers, (one why they’re the best!) and leave little to chance. Test it all, and do it systematically.

Wrong Type of Traffic

Usually, the main reason why people bounce off your page, getting the wrong type of traffic can be as simple as optimizing for the wrong keywords, (usually unwittingly) and getting a whole host of people showing up who have no interest in what you’re offering. Make every effort to rank for exact phrases, and match your content to those search terms. (Paid or organic)

Too Many Hoops

Making your prospective customers jump through too many hoops before getting what they want is a sure way to kill conversions. Only ask for what you absolutely need, and no more!

A Weak Call to Action

The only thing worse than a weak call to action is the lack of one. Ask for exactly what you want, in no uncertain terms!

Slow page loads

You have but a few seconds, usually less than four, to capture your attention and draw them into your offer.

Poor on-page SEO

Take care of constructing page title tags and Meta descriptions. A poor job here can lead to your page not ranking as well as it might, costing you valuable traffic and probably sinking any quality scores you are seeking due to page irrelevance.

Not mobile-friendly

If your page is not responsive to mobile formats, you are going to lose up to half of your audience right from the start. With more than 50% (and growing) of all web traffic now coming from a mobile device you really need to come to join the party.

Not Enough Landing Pages

Not having a dedicated landing page for each search term you hope to rank for (or pay for) is a sure way to get poor quality scores and even poorer search rankings. While it may seem like a lot of work to create multiple optimized landing pages, it will be well worth the trouble. Besides, these days there are many tools that can make this very easy.

Committing any of these mistakes in traffic and conversion can hurt, but the good news is that you know it now and can completely avoid it. Phone Paul Conant at 480-622-1180 or send an email to!