The use of emotions in copy was used for just about as long as a man tried to convince others about something in print. While you might think this was a long and far-off tactic from a country, the reality is that it is as effective today as it is yesterday.

The use of emotional triggers in our copy is a very successful way to obtain the type of response you are looking for.

So what are the emotions that operate in a copy? – findings are collected, and how do you use them? The following are 5 emotional triggers that are tested and work well in a copy.

5 Best Emotions To Use In Your Copy

Fear – No one wants the worst to happen, and playing on those fears can be very effective. Witness the “Mayhem” commercials by Allstate over the last several years. While humorous, there is still an element of fear as these “accidents” are all too common.

Exude Trust – In times such as these when trust is a rare commodity, it’s ingenious that conveying a message of trust will play to people’s fear of being taken. When privacy is threatened, statements like “We value your privacy” carry weight by the mere fact that you would mention it.

Time – With no one having any spare time anymore, this trigger is a very effective one. Everyone craves more time to spend with family and friends, unwind and messages that promise this get our attention.

Trends – Having the coolest and latest gadget or whatever is part and parcel of a consumer-driven society, and it’s simply imperative for some to have them. Tap into this tsunami by aligning with the latest trends.

Group Thinks – Most everyone wants to belong to a group, to identify with a segment of the community that most represents them. Few really want to head down the road alone. Tapping into these desires can get great results.

You can get started with these 5 emotions. See if you can’t work in your copy with some basic emotions and get better results!

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