The age of mobile email is upon us, as now fully 51 percent of emails are opened with a mobile platform of some kind. Since that number is only going to grow, it’s definitely time to make sure we are optimizing our emails to guarantee they not only render well on a mobile platform, but also give us the best chance to get results! But exactly how do we do that? What steps do we need to take to ensure we are optimized for mobile? There are several items to check off here, so let’s get going!

5 Tips for optimizing email for mobile

  1. Keep it brief – This is applicable to both the subject line in addition to the text of the email. Nobody wants to read long batches of text on a small screen, and studies are showing that subject lines of 40 characters or less are opened more frequently. The entire challenge with mobile emails is to get them opened, and acted upon. Get to the point promptly.
  2. Use larger sizes – Again, no one likes to squint any more than they have to. Make it easier on the eyes by using larger fonts, making your text at least 14 points, and headlines around 22. Also, colored or busy backgrounds on your email template make things hard to see as well. Stick with black on white.
  3. Make calls to action stand out – Since you may have fewer chances on a mobile device to have your call to the action seen, make them stand out, ideally near the top! Use larger type, bigger buttons, and converting colors!
  4. Give thought to sender names and 1st lines – Lots of email clients (Apple in particular) make their sender names bigger than the subject line. Also, avoid having anything in your email template that occupies your first line, (like an unsubscribe notice) as these are also often visible.
  5. Make buttons a decent size – Ever try and click a tiny link or button on your phone? Irritating, isn’t it! Don’t be that guy! Make sure they are at least 44 pixels in height and width, so they aren’t tempted to chuck their phone across the room! You’re looking for clicks, right?

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