Have you heard UX design frequently in the past few months? That’s because UX design is vital to impress users online. As a key feature, you must comprehend its functionalities and how you can implement it to take the maximum out of it. Our experts have highlighted the top five tricks you can develop within your UX design strategy to attract any user’s subconsciousness. Without further ado, let’s get started!

Why does UX design matter for marketing?

Because if you want to get better results from your marketing efforts, you need to create products that people will want to use. That’s where UX design comes in. By creating products with a great user experience, you can ensure that people will keep using your product, leading to better results for your business.

UX design is the first and last step of designing a website or application. Getting it right is as much about having a deep understanding of what users want as it is about creativity, imagination, and skill.

Why Does It Matter To Get Better Results?

User experience (UX) design is about creating websites, apps, and other digital products that are easy to use and enjoyable for those who use them. This is important because when people have a positive experience with your product, they’re more likely to keep using it and recommend it to others. This can lead to better results for your business in terms of increased sales and improved customer satisfaction.

Many elements make a good UX, such as the overall design, navigation, and content. It’s fundamental to consider all those aspects when making your product to create the best possible experience for your users.

Plenty of resources are available online if you’re unsure where to start with UX design. Many agencies specialize in UX design, which can help you create a great user experience for your product.

UX Design Definition and Functionalities

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The UX Design process stands in designing a product that helps people use it in the best possible way. The best way to properly create a visual presence and advertisement for a specific product is by understanding what people think and feel. Therefore, a professional UX Design process includes lots of research, tests, data analysis, cognitive psychology techniques, and so much more. Hence, it’s vital to work with a professional web design Boca Raton based agency to obtain maximum results. So, ready to know how to attract and impact your site’s visitors positively?

Evoke emotions with colors and fonts

There’s a particular psychology study that explains how colors affect different emotions. Specific colors evoke positive, negative, or even neutral feelings in people. Well-known research tested the color impact on hundreds of people. They asked people to imagine either a white or black rose in front of them by telling them it would be there for one minute and then removed it from their field of vision for one minute before asking them about their thoughts on the flower. The white rose was considered more valuable than the black rose because it evoked a better memory and emotional response in the person who saw it.

Most people are familiar with the standard psychology tricks that make us feel like someone is talking to us, such as eye contact, touch, and high-fives. But much psychological research has been done on how you can use these techniques to get a user’s attention and engage with your design. The chosen font is significant too. When put in particular contexts, specific fonts also elicit emotions, such as lists, messages in a text box, handwritten typing, or even capitalized letters.

Mix beautiful images

One way to engage your visitors and make your design more attractive is by leveraging beautiful images. Images can tell a story and make the user feel something. One example is creating a user feel “look at my car!”

One of the most noteworthy aspects of UX design is ensuring that your product or services look professional and can satisfy every client’s needs. You must integrate beautiful images into your design that shows your business place or product package.

Psychologists suggest beautiful images to trigger a sense of fullness and professionalism. This is especially true when people process the visual information in their brains. In UX design, this is helpful because users will be more likely to engage with an app if they feel satisfied after looking at it. The last trick is to use pictures as triggers for emotions that you want your users to experience.

Asymmetry in UX design

One of the most common psychological tricks in UX design is asymmetry. Asymmetry is a mixed pattern in nature and in designs in which one design element is deliberately different from its counterparts. For example, one side of an apple might be larger than the other, or on the right side of an image, there might be more text than on the left.

In other words, asymmetry is a psychological phenomenon in which things are perceived as pleasing or attractive when they differ from the average. A few examples include beauty, symmetry, and the number seven. Asymmetry is also used in UX design to improve engagement with the user. You may use an image of a light bulb on one side of your site and a light switch on the other.

It brings creative ways to increase engagement.

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There are various ways to engage people to ease their decision-making in purchasing goods from your website. This can include using alternatives to push them into action, making it difficult for the person to say “no,” and having them feel they have accomplished something when they accomplish the purchase. Make them feel great about the interaction with your business.

The famous “hierarchy of needs” theory states that humans feel a certain level of happiness once they have all their vital necessities, such as food, shelter, and safety. However, if people do not receive this satisfaction for fulfilling their needs, they will look for it elsewhere, probably at competitors.

UX Design can get a personal connection with users.

An emotional bond with users is the most critical factor in making a design successful. Engaging with users can help designers understand what motivates them and how they might be able to convey their message more effectively. Through role-playing, storyboarding, and feedback loops, making a personal connection can also help engage users. User engagement is a critical element in any app or website. This is important because users will lose interest and leave the site if they don’t feel any positive vibe with your app or website.

Differences in Emotional Design vs. Rational Design

There are two different types of creation: emotional and rational. The vibrant design appeals to the eye and the brain, while the rational design looks like a technical process on paper. However, emotional and rational designs affect people differently, so it’s important to understand which type of design you’re going for when designing a product.

Emotional design is based on feelings and perceptions, whereas rational design is more about rational thought. To achieve a successful inspirational design, it’s crucial that you first know what makes humans tick, especially to your targeted audience. The key to a successful emotional experience is determining what people want and then creating a value proposition that provides the answer to their desires.


UX Design techniques are effective methods to ensure you get your user’s attention and convince him to become a loyal customer. One of the most tricky challenges in UX Design is building trust. It can be accomplished by creating designs that resonate with your audience. For example, if you’re making an app for public transport schedules, a good strategy could show the bus arriving with an appropriate slogan that completes the user’s issue. This works so well because it’s necessary, solves a problem, and saves time.


Sophia Torres is a freelance writer that loves writing about design, colors and psychology topics. She believes that colors really make a difference in this world.

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