You’ve heard all the stats as to why your business needs to be on YouTube, but maybe you’re uncertain of the best way to make this happen reliably and meaningfully.

It takes some thought and cares to create an effective video marketing strategy. It’s not just a matter of smashing the company’s current picnic video shot on YouTube with a smartphone and pretending to do things for you.

Let’s look at some of the ways you could develop your company with a successful video marketing strategy.

5 Tips To Create A Great Video Marketing Plan!

Use video testimonials 

Consumers are a lot more likely to be impressed with your goods and services if it is coming from the mouth of a live customer on video. This is far more effective as social proof than any textual version might be. Not only that, the person doing the testimonial benefits as well, especially if they are also a business person.

Helpouts are not just for Google!

If you want raving fans, create a series of helpful, how-to videos offering advice and help on topics your audience is interested in. These are terrific sales tools, even if you don’t actually offer anything for sale in them. Using these types of videos to educate and answer common questions will win their loyalty.

Make better product videos

It’s fine to showcase your products, but aim to make them more than merely a slick presentation accompanied by a call to action. Why not take this chance to show exactly how your product benefits the end-user, ideally in a fun and unique way.

Be sure to brand your videos

It’s a basic part of your job to make sure your brand is on the minds of your market, and there are few better ways to get that done than with video.

Make your YouTube Channel work for you 

YouTube is not only the world’s 2nd biggest search engine and the largest video platform; it’s also a major league social media monster also! Getting subscriptions to your YouTube channel is an excellent way to improve your reach, get more views, and a lot more traffic. Take the time to brand your YouTube channel to correspond with the rest of your business.

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