The idea of having a name, website, and logo given to several people is one of the fun things when starting a business. This is an innovative process that helps you get your business signed. If you’re creative and love drawing, you’ll have a big leap forwards.

But what if you’re not some kind of creative? What if you don’t know where you should start creating your logo?

This solution will help …

Create a Moodboard

A mood board is just a collection of images that are connected to your brand, that inspire you and that you want to draw signs from. Any of those pictures may be rival brands’ trademarks, others maybe pictures of products you’ve seen and just enjoy the looks. You can select pictures that appeal to you personally or you can select objects that reflect what you’re trying to do.

Anyhow, all these inspiring references are placed in one place. Now, if you look at the list, you’ll be able to get some form of ‘visual guide’ for your logo and the imaginative juices will start flowing out.

The Next Step

Then the next step in the process is to literally fuse these different images into some special configurations. Take the different elements and try to put them together-or find ways to incorporate them into the text of the business name.

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