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Target Audiences Like Never Before! (While They Are On The Couch)


Connected / Streaming TV is the future of digital advertising. Allowing you the ability to show video ads and targeted commercials to grow your business by tapping into new audiences. This service allows advertisers to compete with larger brands by providing them with a new way of reaching consumers that they haven’t been able to reach before.  Connected TV is not only growing rapidly but also becoming more affordable for companies of all sizes. Imagine targeting consumers for your brand right down to street-level accuracy. These are highly targeted ads to people that want to see your ads. Connected TV takes advantage of people cutting the cord and relying on streaming services like Hulu, Amazon Prime, or Netflix to watch their favorite shows. Advertisers are turning to this medium as a way of reaching new customers. Targeting specific audiences is one of its biggest advantages over other forms of digital advertising, such as banner ads or mobile app ads. Connected TV ads also have another advantage: they’re easier to test. You can A/B test your ads and messages to see which ones get the best response from your audience. Connected TV ads are also easier to create than other forms of digital advertising. In the past, you needed an expensive video production crew, an expensive video editor, and then you needed to find a TV station to run your ADs. (In most cases, at a premium)

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