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Artificial Intelligence (AI) Disclaimer for Gizoom. LLC

At Gizoom,LLC we integrate Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies to enhance our services and provide a superior user experience. It’s important for our users to understand the following:

  1. AI-Driven Content and Interactions: Our website employs AI algorithms for various functionalities, including but not limited to customer service chatbots, personalized recommendations, automated data analysis, and predictive modeling. These tools are designed to enhance your experience and the efficiency of our services.
  2. Accuracy and Limitations: We are committed to ensuring the effectiveness of our AI systems but recognize their limitations. AI-generated information or solutions may not always be perfect or applicable in every situation. We recommend that these outputs be used as supplementary information and not the sole basis for decision-making.
  3. Data Privacy and Security: The AI technologies we use may process personal data to tailor experiences and provide insightful analyses. We adhere strictly to data privacy laws and employ robust security measures to protect user data. For detailed information on our data handling practices, please see our Privacy Policy.
  4. No Liability for AI Decisions: Gizoom, LLC is not liable for any decisions made based on AI-generated content or insights. Users are advised to use their discretion and judgment when interacting with AI systems. We do not assume responsibility for errors, inaccuracies, or misrepresentations produced by these technologies.
  5. Evolving Nature of AI Technologies: AI is a continuously developing field. As such, our AI systems are subject to ongoing improvements and updates, which may alter user experiences over time. We strive to stay at the forefront of AI advancements to offer the most effective solutions.
  6. User Responsibility: Users are encouraged to exercise caution and good judgment when interacting with AI-driven features. It is the user’s responsibility to assess the appropriateness of AI-generated content for their particular situation.
  7. Feedback and Improvements: User feedback is invaluable in enhancing the performance and accuracy of our AI systems. We welcome suggestions and comments to make our AI tools more user-friendly and effective.
  8. Acceptance of Terms: By accessing and using our AI-driven services and features, you acknowledge and agree to the terms outlined in this disclaimer. This includes understanding the capabilities and limitations of AI technologies as applied on our website.

For questions or concerns regarding our AI usage, please reach out to us at